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Whats the story?

Realistic face, 3d head.



Latest iteration of the head. Xgen hair, Arnold render using Anders Langlands shaders.

Bit more..

Bit more progress on this character. Some texture concept for the suit. Not a final paint.

Pilot002Pilot001MechHair1 pilotSuit001a

Mech pilot.


First post of the new year. Here is what I’ve been doing in my spare time. Zbrush dynamesh, Maya and Arnold.

Mech Pilot Suit



Work in progress of mech pilot suit. Only zbrush at this point.

Ken Masters street fighter



Sketch of Ken based on the street fighter Alpha version.

Peter the wolf


Did some more work on this guy. Texture test and tweaked his face a bit. There’s no spec maps yet and the bump is just the diffuse blue channel mapped in.

Woman update 2

WomanBody006 WomanBody003 WomanBody004 DarkHelmet

Updated the model and the texture. Hair is still a work in progress and I still need to texture the feet. Rendered in Arnold. sculpting done in mubox and zbrush. Texture in mudbox and mari. Also did a sketch of Dark helmet :).

Joker Sketch

JokerSketch004Sketch done in zbrush.

More tweaking.


Still experimenting with this. Would probably be easier to just copy concept art I guess :/. Maya, zbrush and Arnold. Mari for skin texture.


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